FREE Training for Busy Managers
3 shifts to go from stressful workdays to handling
any leadership challenge with ease
It IS possible to feel at ease with a hectic schedule.

  • How to identify the source of stress and overwhelm – and a quick 5-minute exercise to eliminate even the biggest stressors
  • How to create more free time for yourself, immediately
  • A simple method for handling any work challenge with grace
  • How to reap the benefits of mindfulness on your everyday life, such as increased focus and emotional balance
  • How to unlock your human potential to reach maximum performance working less
  • How to become a mindful leader and heighten your awareness and creativity
About Your Presenter
Cristina de la Fuente has been changing the lives of many leaders from stress and overwhlem to balance and ease for the past 4 years.

She holds a certificate in transformational coaching, attended numerous courses, seminars and retreats within mindfulness and leadership, spiritual ancient practices and cognitive psychology. Cristina has worked with the best coaches in the industry to master the principles of human mind.

Working as a manager in a big corporation herself, her unique background brings an explosive combination of spirituality to the corporate realm that will inevitably change the life of any leader longing to take the leap and provide meaning and fulfillment to their life.

Cristina de la Fuente

Transformational Coach helping leaders to create great impact while living at ease