About Me

I am Cristina de la Fuente, Transformational Coach and Senior Manager at a large corporation.

I help high performing, purpose driven women to get out of the overwhelm, the busyness, and the exhaustion of the modern “successful” lifestyle into a life of balance, flow and ease – without compromising on their ambitions.

In the course of my days, I see way too many young, brilliant people missing out on their best lives as they are busy trying to live up to some very high – self induced expectations, most of which happen not to even be important to themselves or aligned with their life values in the first place.

Just some years ago, I got a flattering promotion and I committed my all to over perform in a job where expectations had no limits and challenges piled up at a faster pace than what possibly could be solved on a 24h work day.

Everything looked good on the outside, yet my life was silently falling apart. Conflicts were the trend at work, personal relationships at its lowest, and exhaustion was the rule.

Maybe you can relate?

As it became obvious that happiness and fulfilment were not to be found further up on the corporate ladder, I initiated my search on a whole different place: inside myself.

So I studied broadly about personal development and mindfulness, I traveled on spiritual retreats, hired a life coach, attended numerous courses and seminars and eventually ended obtaining my own certification as transformational coach.

Fast forward to today, I am enjoying my corporate career- and life- from a whole new place of balance, presence and a sense of purpose. And while there are definitely ups and downs, I now have a whole new understanding and a set of routines to get me bouncing back and using my learnings to further improve my life quality and well being.

Having coached women internationally in the past years, I know how we all have the power to transform our experience of reality. I know that when you take the time for inner exploration and learn to tap into your true, authentic self, possibilities expand and your outer reality changes.

I believe that success is only to be defined by you, in your own terms. And definitely are stress and overwhelm nor the path, neither the price that needs to be paid for it.